Battle of the Wills

As a huge fan of the UFC i was beyond excited to see the upcoming Conor Mcgregor  fight against Lightweight title holder Rafael dos Anjos. Now that Mcgregor just became the  Lightweight champion this battle between two different weight division title holders was about to be one for the books.

As of today breaking news struck in the UFC world, the hype over this upcoming battle came to a stop as Rafael dos Anjos told the world he will not be fighting due to a broken foot received in training over the weekend.  Now of course injuries happen all the time, and fights get postponed and switched out all the time, but a mega fight like this that was going to bring in millions really came in as a hard loss for the organization. Now the question comes, what is going to happen?  Well the fight will go on yet the fighters have changed.

There has been a poll put out by the UFC with some fighters that the fans would want to fit into this super fight. Out of all the fighters put out there, one fighter stood out, Nate Diaz one of the craziest and unorthodox fighters to ever step in the ring. Personally Nate Diaz is one of my favorite fighters ever, and to this day one of the best fighters to watch in terms of entertainment. This fight is going to be insane, both fighters are top notch trash talkers who try to break there opponents down with their trash talking then destroy them with there physical powers.

As a fan of both fighters i have no idea who i want to win in this one…or bet on. But i do know that this is going to be a battle and neither side is going to back down due to how both headstrong both fighters are. Honestly Mcgregor has just risen to fame out of the blue calling his own path of victories to were he has come now, and as much of a fan i am of him and his story, i can clearly see it all taken away in 12 days by the ability that Nate Diaz has. All in all i can’t wait to watch this fight and will have a follow up story about who the champion is.


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