Next Big Names!

With the NFL season this year in the books, the long gap of longing for football has begun. At the end of this season we have seen a lot of legends who have been playing for years now sadly retire. Those including Jarod Mayo, Jared Allen,  Marshawn Lynch, and even Calvin Johnson. These names are players i have grown up with watching tear up the field on any team they were a part of. Now that’s just how the game works, legends leave their mark then sooner or later they all have to leave and let new legends be made.

This week is the week of the NFL combine and there have been some major key alerts this week on some unbelievable talent. For example Will Fuller out of Notre Dame ran a 4.32 in the 40-yard dash, now there has been faster times but that’s definitely up there for top tier speed. Running Back Keith Marshal ran a 4.31 40-yard dash cumming out of Georgia. One of my favorite college players Shawn Oakman the DE for Baylor had a 10’3 broad jump, for some one who’s 6’8 287 pounds that outstanding.

These up and coming players are all in the hunt to become top draft picks and go to a top team to start there own legacies. Seeing these players that are so young come into the league and tear it up is the best. When you think about it these men are all around the same age as myself and everyone else around us in college which is just proof that these are the top class of athletes, the genetic monsters, and the peak of human ability.

Who knows which player is going to be picked first or even who’s going to put on the best show in their first season next year, but all i know is there is a rising star in the making and i can’t wait to see who emerges on top.


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