The Kings Return

With the hype of the Conor Mcgregor fight done and in the books the next big fight is about to come up, and i can’t wait. This fight in my opinion is even bigger than the Mcgregor fight due to the fact that the undisputed best fighter in the WORLD Jon Jones is returning the octagon.

There’s not many fighters on the same level of Jon Jones, he has proven over and over how he is the best pound for pound fighter in the world, his record of 21-1 stands for itself, the one loss he has was only due to a disqualification. Besides the point there isn’t many people who doubt Jones fighting skill, yet his behavior out of the ring. With his new charges finally served out he is now able to fight again in the octagon and be able to reclaim his belt again as the Light Heavy Weight champion of the world.

This will be the second fight between Jones and Cormier, with such a long lasting nasty rivalry this is bound to be a great fight. I’m sorry to say for any Comier fans (not that theirs many), that this fighting is going to be a manslaughter. The UFC has awakened a monster, Jones now has the most dedication and mental strength than he ever has before. This suspension was the best thing for him, allowing him to get himself sober and focus on the thing he does best, which is fighting.

This Lion is almost ready to be thrown into the cage, I honestly can’t wait to see the belt back in it’s rightful owners hands, and the anticipation is rocking the UFC organization and fans world wide. With only DC aka Cormier left Jones is tempted to clean up in the division then move up to heavy weight. This seems like its far away from now but the sky is the limit for this re energized professional. Jones knows his fans all still support him and can’t wait to see his return, April is going to be one hell of a month and i can’t wait to see the king be re crowned.


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