Wasted Talent at it’s Best

With my last post on the triumphant return of the king Jon Jones, more shocking news has developed over the weekend. Jon Jones already being on probation for his run in with the law as explained in my last blog, it would make sense that the man who is going to get his title back with out a doubt should be keeping himself to nothing  but training.

Over the weekend Jones was caught “Drag racing” at a red light in New Mexico, where the fighter lives. Apparently Jones side of the story was he was revving his engine for fans at the red light. To believe this  is true i don’t know and honestly i don’t care personally. All i care about is seeing Jones in the ring getting his belt back. Now that he’s been arrested for probation violation i’m going to be on the story as soon as any news surfaces about it.

If you think about all the chances Jones has received recently with being able to be reinstated and get a fight right away, you might think that at this point this man is an idiot. As a fan i’m not going to sit here and talk about how much of an idiot he is, because that’s what he’s getting from everyone around him at this point. The ability this man has to fight goes beyond what I’ve ever seen, i think this is disappointment at best for all the people wishing him the best during this past year.  All in all i just hope that this incident does not affect his fight next month, and i am praying that the champ gets to return in fashion as i see him doing so.


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