Disappointing news

For the last couple of weeks i have been keeping updates on the Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier fight that was suppose to happen on April 24th later this month. But after certain events that fight wasn’t to sure to happen, not for nothing but i had assumed that the fight would not happen due to legal troubles with Jones, I was wrong.

The fight between these two rivals is now not happening and is going to be moved to a different date and time. Cormier had entered a wrestling tournament recently were he had hurt his foot to the point of surgery. The surgery has taken place because it was nothing to serious yet the healing process is whats going to take the most time.

Now Jones still has a lot of hype he has stated ” UFC send me anyone light heavyweight or even heavyweight, let’s just get this done”. Now Jones is showing he is ready to go and that he’s hungry to get back into that ring. Jones asked and the UFC provided Jones will now be fighting Ovince Saint Preux for the interim Light heavyweight title. This is a safe last minute replacement, the 32 year old Saint Preux is notorious for stepping in last minute to fight someone and has a solid record and core fan base.

Now i don’t see OSP giving Jones too much trouble at all, i know who Jones wants and he won’t be satisfied until he gets it. To be honest none of the fans will even be satisfied until we finally get to see Jones Vs Cormier for the belt that has caused so much drama over the past few years.


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