Boston Sports on a roll!

Recently the majority of all Boston sports teams have been putting on, with exciting games, to intense trades, the sports world in Boston is looking very good. With the four major sports teams at least two of them show championship potential. I don’t want to jinx it by saying the Celtics could win a championship because there is always room for miracles.

The Celtics are locked into the playoffs and have a tough line up no matter what we look at. Our biggest problem will be the Cavs and that of course means Lebron is in our way. Our best best is having another team take on the Cavs and winning, Not that we can’t beat the Cavs seeing as we took out the number one team in the NBA being the Warriors only two weeks ago. When this is all said and done then Celtics will have proven we are back to being a team that people should look out for.

With the start of the this years MLB season the Red Sox’s are looking hot with all the new players we acquired in the off season. The Sox’s are 3-3 in record right now and 3rd in the American League East. Not only does this season have massive potential it is also Big Papi’s last season playing baseball. This is monumental especially for me as iv grown up watching him play and win us three World Series. He’s right up there alongside Tom Brady,Larry Bird, and Bobby Orr as Boston Legends. This will be a heartfelt season to watch, and nothing would be better than seeing a legend go out with a Championship.

Now last but not least the Patriots are looking unbelievable!. We have made some solid pick ups to beef up our defense as well as our offense, even while we have been shafted by the NFL because they hate how unreal and clearly dominant we are as a team. Without a draft pick we won’t be getting any new college stud but last time i checked the pats are the kings are taking non-studs and making them into legends. With a talented receiving core and versatile running back core, all we had to do was work on our offensive line, and i’m positive the line will be back and killing it next year. Every year i say and believe the Pats will win the Super Bowl so nothing is changing this time. I’m confident we will win it this year just to solidify why Tom Brady is the single best being who has ever touched a football at the QB position.


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