The fall of a New king

As of today the Notorious Conor Mcgregor tweeted that he will be retiring young and thanking the organization for the money he’s made. This is a huge shock to the MMA world as someone like him who has put this sport on the map as of recent it really leaves thousands of questions.

First off my own brain is rattled by this happening, someone with so much talent should not be retiring especially out of the blue.  Mcgregor is known for his “cocky” attitude and extraordinary persona. Such shocking news leads many to lose faith in this man which leads to a decline in fans. This doesn’t seem like  a publicity stunt, i believe Mcgregor is dealing with things personally that he needs to overcome.

After suffering his first UFC loss on the big stage to Nate Diaz, Mcgregor has lost some shine value as a champion. Even with his loss Mcgregor was still ready to take on opponents right away, even scheduling a rematch with Diaz at UFC 200.  Many different stories are going around trying to explain why he would do this. The most leading factor as to why he is retiring would most likely be what happened at an MMA match Mcgregor was at recently in Dublin. At the event a fighter who Mcgregor supported accidentally killed his opponent in the ring. Mcgregor was in the corner of the figther who killed his opponent which probably had a major effect on him.

I’m hoping this is a sick joke and that this is all just a stunt of some sort, but honestly i’m still trying to contemplate this all. I’ll be glued online for updates on anything related to Mcgregor, but until then i’m going to have to suck it up and wait for more news.


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