Celtics on a Run

Celtics have been a dark horse all year long, now in the playoffs it’s do or die. With the Celtics currently playing in game 5 of the series the game currently on is huge. If the Celtics can clinch this game we will be going back to Boston for game 6. This could be a huge boost to end Atlanta’s run.

As a Boston fan there is nothing i want to see more than have the Celtics win. When thinking about this series i believe that the Celtics can win and come out as a dominant team. As a sleeper team most people didn’t even think that the C’s would make it this far, yet i had hope all year long. Atlanta is putting up a strong fight, but the C’s aren’t going down that easy. The C’s were down 0-2 in the series then came back two games in a row to match Atlanta 2-2.

If the C’s win this game making it 3-2 then play game 6 at home i honestly think were going to go all the way to the eastern finals. If the C’s go to the finals with the Cavaliers that’s when we will be really tested. We have beaten the Cav’s before but at the time Lebron James was not playing. To see this C’s team go this far is amazing, and i’m happy either way, yet i don’t think were done yet. My ultimate prediction for this current series is Celtics in game 7 winning it. Realistically it is possible and i can’t wait to see how this ends.


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