Will Lebron make it all the way?

As many people are probably aware the NBA playoffs are in full effect and its slowly narrowing down teams. The games are in full force and everyone is playing at full speed. Now with the thought of the finales coming up we can all imagine two teams at the top of our minds, i’m referring to the Cavs and the Warriors.

Now again when thinking about the finales of course were thinking Lebron, we all know it and we all amuse we will be seeing him. There’s not a moment when we think about basketball without thinking Lebron at this point. With that all said there is someone standing in his way, i’m talking about Steph Curry. Curry has been hurt this round of playoffs but he’s been taking the time to rest up so that he can bounce back with no “problems”.

I’m personally rooting for the Thunder to win it all, and as much as a strech it is I like the Raptors because of their two stud starts Derozan, and Lowry. That aside a more realistic competition would be Cavs vs Warriors, or Spurs vs Cavs.  These games are only getting better and sooner or later we will we get to see who’s going to pull through.  Lebron has been dominating Atlanta, and that is assumed already, we can safely bet to see King James in the finales.

I myself have several bets on different teams, this is the best part of basketball playoffs it’s an easy chance to win or loss some cash. Over all we have some great games left to watch and a lot of opportunities for some teams to make a huge impact on the league.


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