Will Lebron make it all the way?

As many people are probably aware the NBA playoffs are in full effect and its slowly narrowing down teams. The games are in full force and everyone is playing at full speed. Now with the thought of the finales coming up we can all imagine two teams at the top of our minds, i’m referring […]

Roger Goodell Must Die

Everybody knows what it’s like to hate, we all hate, it’s a normal human reaction. People hate on ┬ápeople who are doing well in their own lives. This could be hating on a celebrity, or a colleague, or another sports team. We all do it, But there is one person who gets more hatred directed […]

Celtics on a Run

Celtics have been a dark horse all year long, now in the playoffs it’s do or die. With the Celtics currently playing in game 5 of the series the game currently on is huge. If the Celtics can clinch this game we will be going back to Boston for game 6. This could be a […]

The fall of a New king

As of today the Notorious Conor Mcgregor tweeted that he will be retiring young and thanking the organization for the money he’s made. This is a huge shock to the MMA world as someone like him who has put this sport on the map as of recent it really leaves thousands of questions. First off […]

Boston Sports on a roll!

Recently the majority of all Boston sports teams have been putting on, with exciting games, to intense trades, the sports world in Boston is looking very good. With the four major sports teams at least two of them show championship potential. I don’t want to jinx it by saying the Celtics could win a championship […]

Disappointing news

For the last couple of weeks i have been keeping updates on the Jon Jones vs Daniel Cormier fight that was suppose to happen on April 24th later this month. But after certain events that fight wasn’t to sure to happen, not for nothing but i had assumed that the fight would not happen due […]

Wasted Talent at it’s Best

With my last post on the triumphant return of the king Jon Jones, more shocking news has developed over the weekend. Jon Jones already being on probation for his run in with the law as explained in my last blog, it would make sense that the man who is going to get his title back […]