Big Moves For Boston Spots

Good Bye Mayo!

Today is a sad day for my home town team The New England Patriots, our beloved linebacker Jarrod Mayo has “Retired” from the game of football at the age of 29. Now that does have an impact on our teams Defensive rating but knowing the how the  Patriots work (which i do) we will have someone filling in and picking up slack per usual. This sudden drop in Mayo  can be seen as a blessing. For years people have speculated that if Matt Forte ever were to leave the Chicago Bears than he would be a perfect fit into the Patriots Organization. Now Mr.Forte is a free agent and we just lost a member of our roster which now leads people to believe that we will be gaining a top notch receiving running back.

The Next Generation

In other sports news the trading deadline for the Boston Celtics is two days away, and with the Celtics in great shape for trading and rebuilding these next two day may become very interesting. We have the money to bring in a super star player, which in my opinion is the last thing the Celtics need to completely take the eastern conference.

How i like to describe the Celtics is a team of all B-B+ players, even our one All-Star Isaiah Thomas is still not the biggest force on the court. With the added edge of let’s say a huge Center or an extreme in the paint player the Celtics will once again become a force to be reckoned with.

A Report came out today via the Boston Globe stating ” The Celtics have inquired about a possible trade regarding Blake Griffon on the Clippers” This would be exactly what the Celtics would need to boost themselves to that extra level of player. Now of course possibly every other team also asked for trade details on Griffon, but the Celtics are a top contending team that is need of an offensive force that will shape the franchise again.