The Kings Return

With the hype of the Conor Mcgregor fight done and in the books the next big fight is about to come up, and i can’t wait. This fight in my opinion is even bigger than the Mcgregor fight due to the fact that the undisputed best fighter in the WORLD Jon Jones is returning the […]

Next Big Names!

With the NFL season this year in the books, the long gap of longing for football has begun. At the end of this season we have seen a lot of legends who have been playing for years now sadly retire. Those including Jarod Mayo, Jared Allen,  Marshawn Lynch, and even Calvin Johnson. These names are […]

Battle of the Wills

As a huge fan of the UFC i was beyond excited to see the upcoming Conor Mcgregor  fight against Lightweight title holder Rafael dos Anjos. Now that Mcgregor just became the  Lightweight champion this battle between two different weight division title holders was about to be one for the books. As of today breaking news struck […]


Good Bye Mayo! Today is a sad day for my home town team The New England Patriots, our beloved linebacker Jarrod Mayo has “Retired” from the game of football at the age of 29. Now that does have an impact on our teams Defensive rating but knowing the how the  Patriots work (which i do) […]

Super Bowl 50! Yuck!

With the Super Bowl only two days away from now the hype is almost at its highest point yet. Normally i would be over the top excited for this day, but i can’t say i’m fully into this years Super Bowl based on the fact that Tom Brady and the New England Patriots aren’t in […]