Super Bowl 50! Yuck!

With the Super Bowl only two days away from now the hype is almost at its highest point yet. Normally i would be over the top excited for this day, but i can’t say i’m fully into this years Super Bowl based on the fact that Tom Brady and the New England Patriots aren’t in it this year. Clearly the Patriots deserve to be in it this year yet due to one bad game my teams seasons was cut short.

When thinking about it there is nothing more exhilarating than seeing Tom Brady preform in a Super Bowl, Now don’t get me wrong i am going to enjoy seeing Cam Newton play in his first Super Bowl, his raw talent and explosive personality make an entertaining game to begin with. Another highlight of the game i can’t wait to see is watching Peyton Manning get hit once hard and turning into “Dust”. I DO NOT believe Mr. Manning should be in this Super Bowl, he accomplished nothing this season and the sole reason he is there is due to his teams solid defense.

The other reason besides the game people tune in to watch is because of the heightened commercials that play during the game that if played any other time would be considered ridiculous. I have a great time watching these myself and personally i hope the commercials this year will be fantastic due to the fact that i’m not emotionally invested in the teams playing this year.

Only time can tell who the winner will be, but i’m putting my faith and cash on the Panthers. My finale prediction is


Broncos: 21