Roger Goodell Must Die

Everybody knows what it’s like to hate, we all hate, it’s a normal human reaction. People hate on  people who are doing well in their own lives. This could be hating on a celebrity, or a colleague, or another sports team. We all do it, But there is one person who gets more hatred directed towards him than any other man (almost), I’m talking about our living deity Thomas Edward Patrick Brady, Jr, also known as Tom or Brady or Tom Brady.

Tom Brady has been sentenced to missing 4 games next season after his court case was appealed regarding “deflate gate”.  This is nonsense absolute banana land craziness,  the only reason i see why the appealed passed had to have been because everyone involved in the appeal process including the judge and courts must have not been a Patriots fans, most likely a Jets, Giants, bills, dolphins, or colts fan, i could go on but i would rather not type out 31 other teams. Why hate greatness? I mean i’m one to talk because i hate myself, but i would never hate someone who clearly was a perfect specimen of greatness, who did almost no wrongs besides being dominantly better than everyone else. There are probably millions of haters out there who despise Brady but there is one man who is leading the ultimate witch hunt, Roger Goodell.

Roger Goodell is the commissioner of the NFL, and hands down the worst commissioner in the history of commissioners (Google it), There must be a place deep down in Goodells heart where he forms a ball of hatred and he lets it consume him until he let’s it out to the world, and he had to pick the purest of people (Brady) to take it out on. Goodell is what we call an Uber Hater, almost the same as an internet troll except their rage knows no bounds. Some experts have speculated that Goodell is actually a bog Troll from somewhere in the south that feeds of the tears of those who win. Not that Brady would ever cry over this, yet we can all start to see the accuracy of that the more Goodell pursues Brady.

It’s not our fault that we win, and it’s not our fault we were blessed to live on this planet during the same time Tom Brady lives as well, and it is not our fault that we have the best fans in the entire world. Yet we get blamed by Goodell and his entire army of haters and trolls. I feel like this whole case has made Goodell feel better about his life as the worst man to ever watch over the NFL. There are not many solutions to our problem here, we can appeal again like last time and try to find a way out of this, but i actually think this time all the Hating got to Tom.

There is one thing i am certain of, 4 game suspension or not i am positive that Goodell has awaken a sleeping giant, not even a giant a sleeping titan, a beast so strong that even with an army of haters it would take one trillion years to even come close to beating him. Brady will return with a vengeance and start slinging TD passes to anyone who is out their on the field, it wont matter. Goodells time is up, he may laugh now but he only has a few more months left before he realizes that he made the biggest mistake of his life.


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